Undergraduate Program

Higher National Diploma

Academic Program in IT Computing

Higher National Diploma includes 16 subjects with the major specializations of two, Software Engineering and Network Engineering.

The Higher National Diploma qualifications will provide entry to further awards and professional development both at this University and externally.




If you’re an educational professional who is enthusiastic to progress into Information Technology Professional, or an educational planning or development role, this diploma is highly recommended as the best choice.

Core Modules

Business Skills for e-Commerce
Computer Systems
Employ-ability and Professional Development
Project Design, Implemenation and Evaluation

Optional Modules

Systems Analysis and Design
Website Design
Database Design Concepts
Object Oriented Programming
Networking Technologies
Routing Concepts
Design a Small or Home Office (SOHO) Network
Information Systems in Organizations
IT Security Management
Data Structures and Algorithms
Data Analysis and Design
Web Applications Development
Internet Server Management
Programming in Java
Programming in .NET
Networking Infrastructure
Local Area Networking Technologies
Wide Area Networking Technologies
IT Virtualization
Network Security

Info Myanmar University

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Why Study Here?

Info Myanmar University Provides World Class academic qualifications with excellent facilities.

  • Every single student is provided a Laptop and a notebook to learn about the latest technologies.
  • Extra time is arranged for students who are weak in any related subjects.
  • Students have an access to a library.
  • A cozy lobby can hold about students as a recreational spot.
  • The Hostels are provided for students from different regions of Myanmar.