MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics

MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics

Computer security is one of the key challenges in contemporary computing. You will gain critical knowledge within the cybersecurity and digital forensic domains, combining academic principles and industrial practice.

The course is informed by current research in security and digital forensics, and is underpinned by our experience with external partners in law enforcement, the cybersecurity industry financial institutions, and other knowledge transfer activities.

Course specialisms include network security, penetration testing, incident response, malware analysis, cryptography, audit and compliance, and host and mobile digital forensics. The specialisation you gain in the taught modules is further developed through an extensive research-based MSc dissertation project, leading towards a mastery of a subject area and enhancing your particular specialism.


Penetration Tester

Forensics Investigator

Modules that you will study* as part of this course

  • Computer Penetration Testing ( CSN11127 )
  • Host-Based Forensics (DL) ( CSN11126 )
  • Incident Response and Malware Analysis ( CSN11129 )
  • Masters Dissertation ( SOC11101 )
  • Network Security (D/L) ( CSN11118 )
  • Security Audit & Compliance ( INF11109 )
  • e-Security (D/L) ( CSN11117 )

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